Enneagram Assessment



ENNEAGRAM ASSESSMENTS for Selling, Managing and Leading

The Enneagram is a nine-point personality tool we use with clients to enhance their sales and leadership development. It describes patterns of thinking, feeling and acting which support or diminish performance. Individuals and teams we have worked with indicate this is one of the most insightful tools they have used.

The Enneagram Assessment involves two steps:

1. The first step is to take our online assessment to generate your report. This is simply a starting point. An individual report describes your work strengths and areas to develop. There is no cost for this.

2. Schedule a 60-minute interview to identify your Enneagram type and receive coaching on tools, unique for you, to use for increasing performance. *You can receive the interview for $139 or $99 if you sign up for any coaching package. *If we reach a conclusion that you need more time for the assessment, you will receive an additional 30 minutes at no additional cost to you.

This will help you:

– Identify your Enneagram Style

– Uncover blind spots blocking your success

– Prevent or resolve conflict

– Understand your greatest strengths

– Learn what to do about your weakness

Who Should Take the Assessment:

Sales professionals who want to improve performance. Managers who want to increase their leadership capability and improve team collaboration.

To schedule your assessment, click here and indicate that you would like an assessment.

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