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News & Events

March 2012: Coaching Circles for Women Kick Off!

Coaching Cirlces for Women is a program that offers encouragement, support and connection to women in business and leadership positions. Group size is limited to 8 participants. Get accountability, take action and get connected to like-minded women plus much more. For more info, click here

May 2011: Professional Business Women of California Conference

Join me for a full day in San Francisco at the annual PBWC in the Women in Negotiation breakout session! Other program highlights include keynote speakers Donna Brazile, Sheryl Sandberg and Isabel Allende. For more info, click here

April 2011: Day Long Vision Quest for Women!

Vision Quests for Women are unique day long events designed for women who want connection or discovery of their life dream(s). They provide insights as well as real-world practical steps into actualizing a dream, rather than leaving it as a fantasy. Our approach is gentle, insightful, fun, and practical. For information and to register, click here

January 2011: Featured Client at MBR Coaching!

Meet the Rabbi Chef! She may not be leading Bar Mitzvah ceremonies but she’s leading the way in the kosher food business! In less than one year, Rabbi Joseph’s company, 12 Tribes has already gained local and national attention in less than one year of it’s inception. Learn more about Rabbi Joseph here

April 2010: Enneagram Assessments are Now Available

We are now providing Enneagram assessments in a one-to-one interview format. The Enneagram is a nine-point personality tool we use which has been gaining popularity in the U.S. It has been a favored tool among our clients.Learn more here.

January 2010: Featured Client at MBR Coaching!

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Deborah Davis, an accomplished writer who juggles the life of a mother, wife, writer, teacher and writing consultant. She is adept at wearing the many hats of being a solopreneur such as marketing, product development, and self-management. In a very short time, Deborah has established herself as a recognized name in the San Francisco Bay Area, no small feat. She has also developed workshops for adult and teen writers, presents at writers’ conferences, and much more. Learn more about Deborah here

November 18, 2009: Teleclass: Managing Difficult Relationships sponsored by Workplace Training Center

If you’ve never had a challenging relationship with anyone, then you must not be human! Relationship structures are dynamic, therefore changing all the time. What would it be like to handle the challenging times of your relationships with greater ease and resolve? How can you create better understanding and respect when there is tension? This audio conference will provide you with a leading-edge relationship systems approach to help you get there.

In this class, you will learn: 1) What works and doesn’t work in relationships, 2) What to do if the other person(s) is not willing to “change”, 3) How to have a productive discussion when there is tension, and 4) How to apply the tools first-hand through an experiential exercise. To learn more and register, click here.

October 2009: Featured Client at MBR Coaching!

Recently, I had the pleasure of coaching Carol Rosenblatt, the founder of Mrs. R. Consults – a fashion accessory consulting company. After 18 years of a successful career at Macy’s, Carol’s division was closed due to budget cuts. Taking a proactive approach, Carol hired me to coach her in preparation of her transition out of Macy’s and into her own business. In just three months, she has created a successful consulting practice with a waitlist of clients. Learn more about Carol here

October 29, 2009: 2009 Marin Nonprofit Conference: Rethinking Conventional Wisdom, San Rafael, CA

The Center for Volunteer & Nonprofit Leadership and the Marin Community Foundation will present it’s 2009 Nonprofit Conference which will attract leaders from nonprofits including executive directors as well as development directions. This is an exciting event which will take a provocative look at the current state of nonprofits and identify new approaches to managing organizations. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

June 20, 2009: Coaching at CraigsList Boot Camp, UC Berkeley Campus, CA

CraigsList Foundation Boot Camp is an exciting event which brings together nonprofits, social enterprise folks, entrepreneurs and those who care about making a positive difference in our world. I will be one of the many coaches dedicating time to their coaching program, sponsored by the Coaches Training Institute. If you’re interested in learning more, click here.

Leader of the Month!

Meet Lisa Schoonerman, Co-owner of vibrantBrains! vibrantBrains provides programs for people of all ages who wish to sharpen their thinking, memory, language, reasoning, attention, focus and visual spatial skills. Lisa, a former publishing executive and her business parter, Jan Zivic, vibrantBrains formed to bring brain exercise to their community.
Learn more about Lisa and her company here

June 2, 2009: Free Telecall: Business Assessment to Boost Sales

If you have been in business for awhile and wondering what else you can do to improve your sales, this is for you! This one hour discussion will provide you with some structure on what areas you might be neglecting and where to start to expand your business. We’ll take a look at what you’re doing right and what areas of your business you might be neglecting. Quit knocking your head against the wall and sign up for this call. It’s FREE. To register, please send a note to

May 18, 2009: Coaching Study for Women in Sales, San Rafael, CA

Five women will be participating in a new MBR Coaching Study for Women in Sales. We will incorporate the use of their Leadership Type as a means for developing client relations and increasing sales. Results of the circle will be published as a case study for sales leaders and sales professionals. Details TBA.

April 29, 2009: Staying Present Under Pressure, Berkeley, CA

As part of the Enneagram series of panel discussions, I will present my perspective as a Type 6 (Leadership Style: The Loyalist) as it relates to Staying Present Under Pressure.  CEUs are available for MFTs and LCSWs.  For more information, click here.

April 2009 – 2010: Marin Leadership Institute, San Rafael, CA

I will be on faculty for the Marin Leadership Institute. This year-long program is designed to support Executive Directors of nonprofits in Marin. There is still room for several more participants who meet basic crtieria. For more information, click here.

March 31, 2009: Women Making it Work, Burlingame, CA

Learn what it takes to start your own business and resources out there for women in business.  You will be led through thought provoking exercises, learn about the power of personal branding, define your goals and walk away with an action plan for reaching them.

New Coaching Program: Sales Management Coaching

If there’s a job where you need to motivate staff, it’s the job of a Sales Manager! This is a unique coaching program designed to help your sales management team create better results among the sales force. Sales Management Coaching provides you with techniques to conduct successful in-field sales coaching, pre-call sales planning or post-call development, creating structures that support the team. You will be provided with additional sales coaching tools such as: Sales Management Assessments, Sales Coaching Tools for in-field development and Sales Typing assessments for your team.

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